Our Team


60 Years
For over 60 years our staff of qualified professionals and technicians have designed, processed and registered for over 600 residential, commercial and industrial Plans of Subdivision and over 150 Condominiums ranging from town houses and multi-storey residential to industrial buildings/complexes spanning all Condominium types – Standard, Phased, Common Elements and Vacant Land Condominiums. In support of the above works we have provided clients with Draft Plans, topographic and pre-engineering surveys, rezoning applications, Reference Plans for First Registration under the Land Titles Act, Reference Plans for easements, together with layout and location services for the ultimate build out/construction of the developments.

We continue to support the construction industry and industrial sector by providing layout and location services for, among other things, buildings, additions, industrial equipment, bridges and municipal services.

In addition to the above, we offer several services to the private land owner. Whether you are looking to renovate, put up a fence, build your dream home or sever your lands our team of professionals and support staff will tailor a package of services to from the initial application to the completion of your project.

A complete list of services offered by A. J. Clarke and Associates can be found below.

  • Land Surveys of residential, commercial, industrial and rural properties.
  • Land Surveys for First Registration – Land Titles Act, Boundaries Act, Certification of Titles Act and Navigable Waters Protection Act.
  • Preparation of Reference Plans under the Land Titles and Registry Act.
  • Layout of dwellings, townhouses and apartments for construction purposes.
  • Layout of schools, churches, institutional buildings and plazas for construction purposes.
  • Layout of commercial and industrial buildings for construction purposes.
  • Layout of railway and docking facilities, including bathometric surveys.
  • Layout of plant equipment, crane rail surveys and settlement readings.
  • Establishment of horizontal and vertical control using G.P.S. or conventional methods.
  • Topographic and pre-engineering surveys.
  • Layout of lots and roadways in plans of subdivisions.
  • Volume/Quantity Surveys for ore, coke, gravel, sand and other dredged/piled materials.
  • Subdivision planning and design.
  • Preparation of Draft Plans for Subdivision and Condominium projects.
  • Preparation and Registration of Final Plans for Subdivision and Condominium projects.
  • Preparation of Plans for building permits and site plan agreements.
  • Preparation of Plans for rezoning, Land Division and Committee of Adjustment applications.
  • Preparation of Plans under the Certification of Titles Act, Boundaries Act and Navigable Waters Protection Act.