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A. J. Clarke & Associates Ltd. currently employs a staff of approximately forty professionals, including three Ontario Land Surveyors, one who is also a Canada Lands Surveyor, six Professional Engineers, three Senior Survey Personnel and three Professional Planners, combined for a total of over 200 years of experience. The firm also utilizes several designers, AutoCAD operators, GIS technicians and draftspersons. Please feel free to contact any member of our staff and they will be more than happy to answer your questions.


A. J. Clarke, O.L.S.

  • Member of the Canadian Institute of Surveying, Since 1949.
  • Member of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, Since 1956.
  • Certificate of Intermediate Examination, 1952.
  • Lifetime Member of the Educational Foundation of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, 1992.
Barry Clarke, B.Sc., O.L.S., C.L.S., OLIP

  • President, Principal and Chief Surveyor
  • Member of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, Since 1984.
  • Member of the Association of Canadian Land Surveyors, Since 1995.
Adi Irani, P. Eng.

  • Chief Engineer
  • Professional Engineer, Since 1974.
  • Consulting Engineer, Since 1988.
Geoff Aldworth, B.Sc., O.L.S.

  • Principal, Manager of Surveys
  • Member of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, Since 1986 of Ontario Land Surveyors, 1992.
Bozena Bednarska, P. Eng.​

  • Sr. Design Engineer
  • Professional Engineer, Since 1999
Dave Clarke

  • Principal, Surveys Supervisor
  • Manager of Industrial Surveys
  • Practicing since 1973
Jennifer Clarke, P. Eng.​

  • Project Manager
  • Professional Engineer, Since 2012
Brad Clarke, P. Eng.​

  • Project Manger
  • Professional Engineer, Since 2015
Abdul Razzak, M.Eng., P.Eng.

  • Engineering Manager
  • Professional Engineer, Since 2010
  • Working in Land Development since 1999
  • Practicing since 1999
Stephen Fraser, B.A.(Hons), MCIP, RPP

  • General Manager, Principal Planner
  • Professional Planner, Since 2006
  • Practicing since 2000
Franz Kloibhofer, B.E.S.(Hons), MCIP, RPP

  • Senior Planner
  • Professional Planner, Since 2011
  • Practicing since 2007
Spencer Skidmore, B.A.(Hons), M.PL

  • Planner
  • Practicing since 2016